Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Boo Hoo

Well Dear Readers....

I was so excited to present my first post from abroad as we went to Shenzhen (aka 'Shenners') yesterday and took many tantaling photos. However, on the way home my:

- Australan passport (thank goodnness it was set to expire next year)
- Pocket camera (essential to the Blog Grr....)
- Flat keys (essential to my life Grr....)


- iPhone (thank goodness I only had a '3')

Went missing in action on the train home....

Anyway... As soon as I got home and realized i naturally called my phone and naturally it went straight to message bank, leading me to think that someone is quite excited with their haul. This morning I went straight to the Australian High Commision and I was the 4th case that they'd seen of 'disappearing passport on the MTR' that day - and they'd only been open a 1/2 hour!

Yours in Grrrr-ness

Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

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