Thursday, 29 November 2012

Aunty J's Imminent Arrival

Excitement is mounting at Casa PTT. Auntie J arrives tonight! 

It will be interesting to see what she thinks of the bright lights of Honkers. Here's where she's been working for the past year or so...

And here's what I've known her to snack on whilst there...

Spot the difference...

Perhaps she'll take to the Hong Kong snake restaurants. Supposed to taste like chicken... I won't be taking her though... PTT doesn't have adventurous tastes in the protein department.

Stay tuned for some riotous posts over the next couple of weeks people.. it will be non stop until Santa makes an appearance!


Pseudo Tai Tai

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hong Kong - a city of contrasts

I love Hong Kong. 10 minutes walk from the PTT Hong Kong Headquarters, we have some of the highest buildings in the world, but we also have these little gems if you know where to look...

One of our favourite Northern Chinese restaurants, Shui Hu Ju. 

This porcelain shop has been here forever...

Chocolate Rain - a fun quirky local design shop...

The Peel Street Temple...

These chaps are out the front of a lot of the Hollywood Road shops.

This was shot on my walk from home to pilates.


Pseudo Tai Tai xx

Hong Kong's Questionable Shopping Hours

No matter how long I live here (just over 5 years now!), I'll never get used to the Hong Kong shopping hours. In Australia, shops open at around 9:00am. You can drop the kiddies to school and then get on with your day and do all your chores. In Hong Kong, most stores don't open until between 10:00 and 11:00am. Granted, they are open until late every night, but with my lifestyle, I just don't feel like trundling out shopping at 7:00pm.

Strangely, I think the locals agree with me. Every time I arrive at a store when its about to open, there are already stacks of people milling about champing at the bit to start handing over their money.

Here's Ikea today 20 minutes to opening time:



Pseudo Tai Tai xx

Wanchai Markets with M

M and I went to the Wanchai Markets today to stock up on some stocking fillers.

The fake Lego store was doing a roaring trade. We couldn't resist taking photos of the new girl orientated Lego as it all features wine. It's as if we've been immortalised in jointed plastic.

Here's mummy having a drink as she puts her little darling to bed. She must still be happily married to Daddy as the pack features a wedding photo conveniently placed above the little darling's bed. Maybe it was date night?

This one features a Richard Clayderman type character serenading his sweetheart complete with a champagne glass tower - classy!

The designer for this one must have been inspired by Antonio Banderas in Mask of Zorro. Note Zorro up on the balcony enjoying a refreshing glass of Sav Blanc. The dog's also getting into the spirit at the outdoor picnic table...

Market chaos...

This shop was not shy about promoting what it specialises in...

M purchased these feather trees down the road in this new little store we discovered near Star Street. Here they are on display in her home...


Pseudo Tai Tai xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

The two faces of Causeway Bay

I walked from Wanchai to Causeway Bay today. I was on a quest to get beach shoes for Prince PTT's upcoming excursion and wasn't sure where I was going. Sometimes these acidental meanderings uncover some amazing sides of Hong Kong. 

I've often watched ladies under the Goose Neck Bridge feed chunks of meat to their paper tigers. I've seen similar groups do it in Sheung Wan as well. Naturally, I had to investigate. 

According to my research, the ladies are performing a Cantonese custom called Da Sui Yan (or 'beating petty little people' ie. hostile parties). Since the White Tiger usually hides itself in damp and hidden places to hunt its prey, the favourite place for the ritual is a cross-roads or, in the case of the Goose Neck Bridge, below a bridge.  

A piece of raw pork smeared with pig’s blood is placed in the paper tiger’s mouth, symbolically feeding the tiger. When it is full, it will not hurt people.
Next, a piece of fatty meat (or pork lard) will be used to wipe the mouth of the paper tiger. By doing so, it is said that the White Tiger’s mouth is so oily that it “cannot open its mouth to gossip”.
Apparently at some point in the ritual, you then beat your petty person with your shoes... The old ladies on the right in the below photo are hence professional 'beaters' and the younger ones sitting opposite are clients holding grudges against petty people. 
Imagine the twists in the story if 'Gossip Girl' was set in Hong Kong!

Pawning is big business in Hong Kong. Note the privacy screen for the customer. So apt for the Chinese and their paranoia about 'losing face'. Imagine if your mate spotted you pawning your Rolex!  The "pawnee" has to hand their items up to be pawned. They say this is for security but I think there has to be a slight humiliation level involved.

Remind me not to go to this restaurant. Note our friend doing the washing up from the lunch service in the back alley.

Don't think I was in a back street somewhere, this was across the road!


Pseudo Tai Tai xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Kid's day out at Pacific Place

Today, M and I took the kids to see the new Christmas movie, 'Rise of the Guardians'. 

After, Prince PTT added himself to the Lane Crawford window display much to the amusement of Princess PTT and his friends.

Quirky Lane Crawford Christmas window displays...

Pacific Place always does something pretty spectacular for their Christmas display. This year, its a gorgeous wintry ballerina theme. Here's where Santa will be appearing...

You get to sit on the lounge with the big guy himself...

Of course, Hong Kong can't put up a shopping centre display without some subtle reminders...


Pseudo Tai Tai xx

Friday Night in Hongkie Town

Mr PTT was working late and M's Mister J was away, so M and I decided to eat an an old favourite and try a new haunt on Friday night. 

Tapeo is an authentic Spanish tapas on Hollywood Road - great for date nights and girlfriend nights, the kitchen is always fun to watch and the specials are always delicious. It is definitely on the Hong Kong bucket list.   

We then went on to Boujis.... Apparently its where Prince Harry likes to party in London and they now have a branch in Hong Kong. Disapointing my friends... disapointing... Awful lolly water half mast cocktails that all tasted same same...

Don't worry... things then picked up! We decided to try the new Honi Honi Tiki Bar. One word from M - Amazeballs! Great cocktails, excellent waitstaff, buzzy and fun to boot. Here's M getting into the spirit....

Who can say "no" to novelty glasswear?

We shared this Pina Colada...

Fun barmen who know what they're doing...

Don't be deceived by the ice, the drinks had a nasty way of sneaking up on you!

I love random night in Hong Kong!


Pseudo Tai Tai xx