Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Blinging up Casa HK for Christmas 2012

Pseudo Tai Tai's Hong Kong Headquarters has been officially gussied up for the Christmas Season! 

This handsome Santa chap is Prince and Princess PTT's advent calendar. We started it on November 20 as we use it as a 'count down to Australia' calendar.

Here's Princess PTT enjoying what can now be described as a 'festive luncheon'.

The two outer friends in this shot were given to Prince and Princess PTT by Great Aunty S last year.

Everyone looks happy to be released from their boxes, don't you think? Princess PTT is convinced that the boy and girl are holding donuts. I beg to differ..

The front door.... Management will probably ask me to take it down before too long.

The hall way door inside the apartment...

Don't think the bathroom remained untouched. Prince and Princess PTT now brush their teeth unti the dancing Christmas tree stops its routine. I always think a little naff is necessary at Christmas.  

Here's a vignette in Princess PTT's room.

Even Tom our Monk is embracing the season!

I'm on the fence as to if we get a real tree or not. They aren't available until December 1 and we leave on the 14 but Prince and Princess PTT keep asking. Not sure where we'd put it though...

Have you started decking the halls yet?


Pseudo Tai Tai xx

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