Tuesday, 20 November 2012

IFC Mall Christmas 2012

Princess PTT and I had a mother daughter lunch at her favourite cafe. Don't think she shared...

After lunch, I had a few jobs to do in Central and we decided to check out IFC's Christmas display for 2012. Hong Kong malls really embrace Christmas and the IFC display is one of the best. In past years, the displays were more 'cutesy' however, for 2012, they obviously had something more sophisticated in mind. Here's a display of dresses made of different materials including wool, silk and Christmas tree graphic prints.

Princess PTT obviously couldn't read all the 'do not touch' signs for the removable squirrels and rabbits hopping around the display.

Down the mall, there are huge 'sinking' chairs with more woodland critters.... Princess PTT"s first question: "Can I sit on that?". Pseudo Tai Tai: "No"

They always push the boat out in the central part of IFC. Here's the main display and they actually still haven't finished it yet! The trees here are made of balls of wool, knitting and pom poms. My photos don't do it justice. I'll take more when its actually finished,


Pseudo Tai Tai xx

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