Thursday, 15 November 2012

Chinglish to brighten your day...

As a writer, I'm dismayed that companies in Hong Kong pay big bucks for advertisements but still can't manage to spell check properly. No wonder I can't get a well paid job around these parts. Here's a prominent kid's furniture store truck that rolled up our street today.

They are advertising three fantasy beds on the side of their delivery truck:
- Mickey Culb House
- Winnie the Poon Bed 
- Princess bed 

The Rednaxela building is on Rednaxela Terrace. Read it backwards and it might make a little more sense. Apparently the Chinese sign writer couldn't read English and spelt 'Alexander' terrace backwards and it has remained as Rednaxela ever since.  

This isn't exactly Chinglish, but I love the fact that every second shop in Hong Kong is a real estate agent and to attract buyers in a hugely competitive market, they can't come up with better photos or sales blurbs than this example:


Pseudo Tai Tai xx

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