Thursday, 22 November 2012

Causeway Bay Christmas 2012

I went to Causeway Bay today to start getting some Christmas gift ideas. 

Franc Franc (Japanese mini department store) was offering its usual 'more is more' display. 

I was quite taken by these little chaps but had to resist as PTT's Hong Kong Headquarters has officially run out of surfaces.

The Times Square Shopping Mall has a massive life size lego display. As i've said before, you wouldn't know there is a recession going on with what Hong Kong drags out for the festive season! I must take Prince and Princess PTT back for a look.

Hong Kong adults love to photograph each other with cutesy things. Often, Prince and Princess PTT have to wait their turn for a line of adults to strike a pose. I normally give up at Disney. There was a pushy shovey line of about 10 adults behind this woman. I often wonder what they do with the photos later?

I've got the humidifiers out. The PTT HK Headquarters feels like living in a greenhouse at the moment.


Pseudo Tai Tai

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