Friday, 16 November 2012

Embracing Multicultural Schooling

One of my favourite things about educating Prince and Princess PTT in Hong Kong is they have the opportunity they have to be truly multicultural. I've heard of State Schools in Australia that are so nervous about offending certain groups that they celebrate nothing, making for a very bland education in my books. Prince and Princess PTT's schools in Hong Kong tend to go the opposite way and embrace everything and I love it!

Here's Princess PTT with her Diwali Bindi:

And here's the Diyas the kids make every year at school. I'm starting to amass quite a collection!

Later in the year, Princess PTT will be an Angel in her school Nativity play. Instead of taking their children out of the activity, the Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist parents excitedly video and photograph their children as they shine in the spotlight as they consider it their turn to learn about another religion.  

In other news, Princess PTT has rekindled her relationship with her baby toys. I think she sensed I was about to have a clear out.


Pseudo Tai Tai xx

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