Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wanchai Markets with M

M and I went to the Wanchai Markets today to stock up on some stocking fillers.

The fake Lego store was doing a roaring trade. We couldn't resist taking photos of the new girl orientated Lego as it all features wine. It's as if we've been immortalised in jointed plastic.

Here's mummy having a drink as she puts her little darling to bed. She must still be happily married to Daddy as the pack features a wedding photo conveniently placed above the little darling's bed. Maybe it was date night?

This one features a Richard Clayderman type character serenading his sweetheart complete with a champagne glass tower - classy!

The designer for this one must have been inspired by Antonio Banderas in Mask of Zorro. Note Zorro up on the balcony enjoying a refreshing glass of Sav Blanc. The dog's also getting into the spirit at the outdoor picnic table...

Market chaos...

This shop was not shy about promoting what it specialises in...

M purchased these feather trees down the road in this new little store we discovered near Star Street. Here they are on display in her home...


Pseudo Tai Tai xx

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