Friday, 16 November 2012

The First Hint Of Christmas

I went up to the Prince Edward flower market earlier in the week to get a few Orchids (way cheaper and better quality than the ones you can buy in Central). They were unpacking the first Christmas Poinsettias of the season, so I bought five to start getting into the spirit. 

I plonked them in my antique fruit basket that I dragged here from the London Columbia Road Flower Market. It's one of my favourite possessions due to its gorgeous gnarly wood. I'm not sure Australian customs will let it into the country when we eventually move back home so it's currently enjoying prominent position in Hong Kong.

A big typhoon may be hitting on the weekend which is giving the flat a wintry gloominess which is adding to the atmosphere. Here's what the living room looks like at 9:30am. It's like living in a cave. Don't be fooled into thinking its cold, its actually humid. I'll be on mould patrol before you know it.

Azure, our nemesis building that recently showed up at our boundary wall, isn't helping matters in the light department. Thank goodness we are going to Australia for Christmas and Bali for Easter.  

In other matters, I'm coveting a Heston Blumenthal Christmas Pudding and Coles, Australia is selling them this year!  

In the middle of each pudding is a whole orange. According to my research, last year they sold out in the UK by the end of November and were being sold on Ebay for up to 250 pounds! I've send Nanny PPT on a sourcing mission.

Coles will also be selling Heston's fruit mince pies which according to the Coles blog are, "Filled with rich fruit mince and the added ingredients of lemon curd, rose water and apple puree, we recommend heating them in the oven and sprinkling with the include pine-scented sugar for a unique Christmas taste!".  

Getting excited... I love Christmas!


Pseudo Tai Tai xx 

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