Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Forest Behind the City

As often as possible I walk up The Peak once I’ve dropped Prince and Princess PTT to school. I either go up the Morning Trail (easy but long) or up Old Peak Road (short yet hard).

Old Peak Road roughly follows The Peak Tram line…

I like listening to the Australian Hamish and Andy Podcast if the humidity isn’t too high and my ear buds thingies don’t keep falling out of my ears. If you are a regular Peak walker, I’m the one you may think is that crazy girl laughing to herself.

The view from the top of Old Peak Road…

My other amusement whilst trying to heave myself up the hill is to watch how the HK locals exercise.

Let me say they are hardcore…

You have a few different categories to look out for:

1. Backward: Apparently walking backwards unwinds the Chi. These fanatics walk the whole way backwards with compact mirror in hand to guide them

2. Slappers: No not those sort or Slappers! This category slaps their hands constantly to the alternate sides of their back. The really serious whip themselves with a towel

3. Yelpers: Rarely spotted but quite amusing when you do! They literally yell themselves up the peak. Whether its motivation or some Chi thing I’m not sure.

4. Musicians: With Pan pipe in hand they serenade you up the trails. Particularly beautiful in Winter when the upper part is shrouded in mist.

5. Arctic Dressers: When I’m still skipping up the trails in my short shorts and tank tops, many of the locals are embracing fleece, scarves and ear warmers. They seem to dress by the month, not by the temperature.

6. The Dog Walkers: How do they fit these dogs into their apartments? These are not lap dogs they are serious ‘need a couple of square miles to run in’ dogs!

7. The Older Fitness Fanatics: My favourite category and also the most consistent. Everyday I see people of 60 + years walking up these challenging trails with ease. It puts most Australian oldies to shame. No wonder the Chinese live so long!

Let me know if you spot anymore…

The HK Peak walks are very surprising for anyone that’s only previously done a quickie 3 day shopping trip here… People just don’t expect such wild vegetation so close to the City.

The trail:

Who would have though eh?


Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

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