Friday, 2 December 2011

Tea for Three

I felt a little poorly this morning but rallied in the afternoon as it was our annual 'say goodbye before we go away for Christmas' high tea (any excuse!).

I wore my Zara coat and Zara dress. I carried my brown Tori Birch clutch. I smelt like Jo Malone Bluebell.

This year's nosh up was at the Grand Hyatt, Wanchai. It used to be our favorite venue as it was a buffet high tea. Now, before you screw your nose up as I mentioned 'buffet' and 'high tea' in the same sentence, let me just say that this was a buffet that made tiered stands look so last century. There were live cooking stations as far as the eye could see. There was a waffle bar, a cherries jubilee bar, a hotdog station, an ice cream bar and enough savory food to get M excited.

We had heard change was in the wind at The Grand Hyatt and decided to check out the new way forward (we really don't like change around here so were feeling a little panicked).

In essence, the whole Grand Hyatt tea buffet outfit has moved from the Tiffin Lounge to the Grand Cafe on the ground level. There are less live cooking stations and the food selection is located in a very dark section of the restaurant. Tiffin Lounge - we miss you!

It didn't stop us selecting some nice plates:

This is M's - note the chilli sauce...

Concentrating on the food distracted us from the stunning view:

After, we admired the Grand Hyatt's Christmas decorating efforts.

M incognito:

Cedric and his lovely partner were getting married that night at the hotel. No expense was spared...

I know M and and N just wish they were on that invite list..

That night I went to the movies with Mr PTT to see the 25th anniversary production of Phantom of the Opera performed at Royal Albert Hall. The things Mr PTT does for love!


Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

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