Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday night...

N has moved down the road to a bigger abode...

We were invited to a sausage sizzle on Saturday night but in typical N style, out came a lamb roast, assorted delicious New Zealand tipples and some carb-tastic roasted potatoes.

I took a 4 year old dressed immaculately in her new french dress but she disappeared within 3 minutes and was replaced by some sort of flower fairy. It didn't take long until she hooked up with spider man. It's amazing how a bowl of chips can bond children of a certain age...

The highlight of the evening was the BBQ-ed lamb in all its charred glory. I understand this is not a big deal for my antipodean readers, however, PPT's Hong Kong headquarters cannot accomodate a BBQ and most of the local restaurants can't grill meat properly so it was quite novel for us.

N - looking forward to many happy family Saturdays now that Summer is upon us!


Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

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