Sunday, 11 March 2012

A star is born!

Hello Dear Readers,

Its been a bit frantic here at PTT Hong Kong Headquarters, hence my lack of posts. However please be assured that I have dutifully taken all the photos for every recent event world so for those of you who subscribe, be prepared for a flurry of PTT emails!

Princess PTT had her first ballet recital today. She's been practising hard for weeks and made us so proud. We had to be at The Canadian International School promptly at 3:30. The girls then needed to go downstairs for an hour to get hair checked, make up done and fascinators attached whilst the audience enjoyed a rather civilised tea buffet. My heart dropped a little when Princess PTT initially tearfully refused to go downstairs but thankfully her friend arrived and saved the day as she was happy enough to go to the 'no parent zone' with her.

Mr PTT had a lovely 'daddy' moment helping Princess PTT with her ballet slippers...

The whole ballet school (130 students ranging from age 3 to adult) wore the same costume in different colours depending on what class the student was in. I was rather hoping for pink but Princess PTT's class was assigned this rather fetching 'kermit-the-frog' green...

en masse they looked quite cute though....

Earlier in the day Prince PTT and I dashed out in the rain to the florist to get Princess PTT some flowers. Thank goodness we did as the armfuls of bouquets that most of the other students got were amazing. Princess PTT's daisies looked a little homespun but hey! its the thought that counts!

Our baby ballerina was exhausted on the way home...


Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

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