Sunday, 19 February 2012

A family that exercises together, stays together

On Sunday we took Prince and Princess PTT for a walk around the top and then down the Peak. It was icy cold but that's what you get this time of year.

Revelling in nature...

Yet Hong Kong city is not very far away...

Playing 'can you spot our apartment'?

Naturally rest time was at every seat opportunity...

Can you believe this is Hong Kong?

Ah yes! You can believe you are in Hong Kong when you see questionable signage like this along the way... Why is the Picnic Area 'Temporary'? It has been open during the four years we have lived in Hong Kong - is it now permanent? Why fully landscape something so temporary? Why erect such a fancy sign?

Naturally we couldn't help but take the opportunity to teach Prince PTT his 'Place Value' facts... (i.e. 'What is the Place Value of the 2 in this number?). I like to take my home schooling 101 out of the classroom.... In case you are wondering - No! I don't home school but Prince PTT's school expects you to do a lot at home so sometimes I feel as if I am a homeschooling parent!

Princess PTT ended up being chauffeured by the end... typical!


Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

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