Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

It's all go this Valentines Day at PTT's Hong Kong Headquarters...

Prince and Princess PTT were surprised with 'big hug' chocolate hearts at breakfast....

Princess PTT then had her annual sports day at the Hong Kong Football Club

Prince PTT celebrated his 100th day at school. Here he is playing a dress up game to see how many clothes he can put on in 100 seconds...

I then caught up with M and N to see 'My Week With Marilyn".

Mr PTT and I are deferring our Valentine's Dinner to Friday night. Even the smallest restaurant in Hong Kong seems to roll out a 5+ course extravaganza on V-Day to ensure that the get maximum dollars in a night. The menus are packed with so much foie gras, oysters, wagyu and chocolate that you are hardly in a romantic mood at the end of the food orgy.


Psuedo Tai Tia xxx

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