Monday, 20 February 2012

PTT's HK Headquarters - a mini tour

What PTT's HK Headquarter's lacks in size, it tries to make up for in personality. Look! Here is our cheery London Transport Poster from when PTT had a London Headquarters....

Here's the PTT Family's collection of silver napkin rings. We've each got one from our christening and some other family members (Like Mr PTT's mum) has given us theirs to add to our collection:

Here's a lovely Spode plate given to me by my Nanny (Nanny PTT's Mum). Ironically, I've always loved chinoiserie but now I feel I can fully embrace it now that we live in... well... China!

Its always nice to surround yourself with things that mean something - don't you think?


Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

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